Are Houseplants Good For You?

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Interest in indoor plants is growing with the popularity of the plant-based aesthetic on social media. But while social media trends are notorious for being short-lived, the benefits of houseplants are endless, it’s almost evergreen! If you’ve ever been inclined to question whether or not our houseplants are good for you or not… well read on to get your answer.

5 Scientifically-Backed Reasons Why Houseplants Are Good For You

Here’s what research tells us about the benefits of living and working with indoor plants.

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1) They Reduce Your Stress Levels

A majority of workers and non-workers say that having plants around helps reduce their stress levels.

According to research, the presence of indoor plants is always a great idea. Whether you’re in your home, office, or school, there’s a specific psychological reason why it helps to have plants around.

Everything from the natural process of photosynthesis to the feeling that you have an entire ecosystem contained in a pot can help to reduce our stress levels.

2) Better Moods, Better Sleep

Having plants around can boost your moods and quality of sleep by up to 30%. If you love to work with plants, then you’ll love this tidbit.

Research has actually demonstrated that people with plants in their workplace feel more at ease, more connected, and more open to new ideas.

If you want to boost your mood, then it’s a great idea to surround yourself with greenery.

3) Speeds Up Recovery

It’s been shown that hospital patients who had plants in their rooms recovered faster than those who did not. Part of this is due to the general effect that plants have on our well-being, but there’s a physiological reason why this happens.

They found that the levels of CO2 were significantly reduced while levels of O2 were increased. Because of these conditions, people who were exposed to indoor plants recovered faster.

4) Relieve Headaches

Indoor plants are also used to relieve tension headaches in hospital patients. This works because these plants can help to absorb excess CO2 levels in the air.

By doing this, they reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that contributes to tension headaches.

It’s also important to note that green plants release oxygen into the air, which helps to improve blood oxygen levels.

5) Boosts Mental Health in Hospitals

Plants can have a positive impact on hospitals and other medical facilities. Whether it’s in the patient’s rooms or in the lobby, it’s a great idea to have plants around in these environments.

This is because the influence of plants on mental health can be seen throughout various health facilities. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, indoor plants can also be very effective in controlling stress and anxiety.


When it comes to the benefits of indoor plants, there are a ton! There are many reasons to start making plants a part of your home or office. Health, psychological, and environmental benefits make this a great choice for anyone, whether you work with plants or not.

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