10 Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants


So you want to begin your journey as a houseplant enthusiast. But the question arises of what the proper, necessary steps are to ensure that your new green friends will thrive with ample lighting in your apartment or house to sustain healthy growth. 

Best Overall
Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light
Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light
  • For Small and Medium Sized Plants
Best Full Spectrum
Feit Electric GLP24FS/19W/LED
Feit Electric GLP24FS/19W/LED
  • Dual full spectrum LED
Best Budget Friendly
iPower 54WX2 4 Feet
iPower 54WX2 4 Feet
  • High output full daylight spectrum bulb

Don’t worry – we’re here to offer some advice to get you started on making your environment perfect and healthy by choosing the best grow lights for house plants!

1. Small White Aspect Luxury LED Grow Light – Best Overall

Grow Light

Our top pick product offers LED lights designed to help your plants display their green leaves proudly while promoting growth and flowering. The Aspect went through plenty of testing to ensure that you’re getting a great product for the price. 

With a 15-foot long cord, you have the opportunity to expand your space and reach certain areas where your plant can comfortably grow. 


  • Available in two colors (black or white) and two sizes (small or large)
  • Versatile, grow any type of plant you want


  • None (be wary of customer service lacking) 

2. Feit Electric Dual LED Plant Grow Tube Light – Best Full-Spectrum Option

Best Grow Light

This light is 24-inches and can be hung or mounted wherever you want in the house.

Its adjustable, time and money-saving design produces wavelengths to prompt fast growth. A specific color spectrum encourages different results depending on what stage your plants are in. A five-foot cord comes with the purchase.

With its cooling capabilities to confirm that your plants won’t suffer under the lamp’s heat, this light has plenty of satisfying features. 


  • Uses less electricity
  • Dual spectrum lights designed for various plants


  • Light output could be too low for growing

3. iPower 54WX2 Fluorescent GrowLight – Best Light Stand


Best Grow Light

A high-quality product and sold at a reasonable price, this light has a wide reflector to ensure that all your plants are getting the same amount of attention. Not only that, but this product comes with a 6-foot cord.

The extra cord length allows you, as the grower, to adjust the height as needed. This stand is durable, made from metal, and measures about 50 inches by 18 ½ inches by 30 inches. The iPower model is easy to assemble with a unique, hanging look. 


  • Adjustable and energy efficient
  • Fluorescent fixture


  • Could break easily
  • Lighting issues

4. LED Mini Greenhouse Kit – Best for Small Plants

Best Grow Light

You won’t need to dedicate a ton of time to recharge your lights with this kit, and you’ll save some energy as well. The product contains a growing output and tray, alongside the tracks where you can install the light strips with a power on/off switch. This feature is ideal for budding plants. However, herbs do exceptionally well with this kit, and you can grow them right in your kitchen.

Portable and nifty, this light kit is suitable for anyone looking to start their herb collection.


  • More light focused on your plants
  • Strip lighting lasts approximately five times longer


  • Flimsy support

5. Bloom Plus Grow Light BP1000 – Best Quiet Option

71N0JUEFcQL. AC SL1500

The Bloom Plus has LED lights for growing your indoor plants at a lower cost and higher quality. This product gives proper lighting that all plants need to succeed from the beginning to end stages.

This product is noiseless (no humming or fanning), so you’ll be able to enjoy the growth of your plants without disturbance. This product guarantees that home growers will be able to produce a solid yield with its unique design.


  • Covers a 2-feet by 2-feet space
  • Mimics natural light


  • Hard to control temperature

6. AeroGarden Harvest Elite – Best for Simplicity

Best Grow Light

Six plants can grow at a time in the Harvest Elite, up to twelve inches tall. Easy to use with a digital panel display, you can program it specifically if you need to go out of town but don’t want your hard work to perish. The LED lights will optimize growth and harvest.

This peak technology combines outdoor gardening with indoor convenience. 


  • Great for growing herbs, includes a seed kit to start
  • No need to worry about messy soil
  • Plants grow in a watery compartment


  • Possible technological malfunctions
  • Too small

7. Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W Plant Lights – Best Hanging Option

Best Grow Light

The LED lights in this Hytekgro model are lightweight and easy to use with hanging brackets, and the installation should take less than a minute.

This product covers a three-foot by three-foot area with a 59-inch power cord. Efficient and low heat, your plants are motivated to grow in the cool lighting and sprout within a couple of weeks. 


  • Comes in a two-pack
  • Multi-colored growing advancements


  • Weak lighting

8. LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants – Best Value 

Best Grow Light

This light is good for people looking to save a penny but experience a decent product that will give them results. 

This specific LED grow light gives more light but with lower heat and lesser risk of harming your plants. Instead, these lights encourage photosynthesis while giving the option of the grower to adjust a specific automatic timer to cue the light at certain times. 

This light can last hours upon hours, and you can adjust the individual heads and give your plants maximum light at an ideal angle and distance. 


  • Five dimming, three switch modes
  • Three separate heads for more light


  • Top-heavy base

9. BR30 LED Light Bulb for Indoor Plants – Best Budget Option

Best Grow Light

With these lights, you’re able to grow your plants throughout the year. Plus, you can incorporate them into any aesthetic. 

These lights are Long-lasting, low-energy, and low-heat, specifically designed to help give life to any type of plant.


  • Affordable
  • Not unsightly or harsh light


  • Size and shape of bulb

10. LED Grow Light Roleadro 75W – Best for Indoor Plants

Best Grow Light

Last but not least, this final pick has features that any plant would love to grow in. There are two available lighting colors: red and blue or yellow for whatever your specific needs are.

Heat is hardly a worry with this product because of its aluminum cooling and heat dissipation sink. Additionally, the lights are not heavy and can be hung wherever you see fit. You can use this product for hydroponics or indoor plants in soil. 


  • Different, colorful spectrums
  • Low heat


  • No timer


Depending on your budget and plants, there are a variety of lights that can suit your every need. Our recommendation would be the Aspect Luxury LED grow light, but any of the above options would be great.

With differentiating prices, colors, and sizes, we hope that this article helped you on your journey to bettering your green thumb!

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  1. A helpful site. I live in a setting that is almost total shade. I am planning a renovation that will include a mudroom and I would like to have a grow light system that will allow me to grow herbs and possibly tomatoes, peppers, and scallions. The new space will be 5 ft wide and I can add windows although my property is almost total shade. Can you give me some direction? I am on Gabriola Island on the east side of Vancouver Island. The mudroom will be fully insulated and will have electricity.

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