Best Succulent Subscription Boxes: A Savvy Buyers Guide

best succulent subscription box

Succulents are some of the most low-maintenance houseplants you can have. There are thousands of succulent varieties out there. Subscribing to a succulent subscription service is one of the best ways to explore the large, leafy world of succulents! 

Best Overall
Succulents Box
Succulents Box
Most Variety
House Plant Box
House Plant Box
Most Affordable
Succulent Depot
Succulent Depot

With so many succulent species to choose from, how will you try them all? 

A great way to expand your succulent knowledge is to sign up for a subscription for succulents. We have listed the top succulent subscription boxes by category here for you!

Best Succulent Subscription Box

Best Overall: Succulents Box

best succulent subscription box

Succulents Box is a small business out of California that sells tons of varieties of succulents, air plants, house plants, and tools to take care of each plant. 

In addition to their wide range of products, they offer a monthly subscription option that we consider the best monthly succulent subscription on the market. You can also buy their subscription box products on Amazon

Prices start at $5.00 per month for one succulent and go up to $22.50 per month for four succulents. 

You can choose which plan is right for you, and you can choose to pay monthly or in various intervals that come with a discount for buying in bulk. They usually offer a dollar amount off of your first box as well. 

Customers love the variety with Succulents Box as there are over 300 varieties in their boxes. They also enjoy the price range that caters to many people and lifestyles. 

Most Affordable: Succulents Depot 

succulent depot

Succulents Depot offers a subscription for succulents starting at only $3.30 per month for one succulent! It is one of the most affordable options for succulent subscription services. The most expensive package comes with five plants for $16.50 per month. 

If you like the variety from Succulents Depot, they also have plenty of succulents, houseplants, and cacti for purchase outside of their subscription boxes. 

A unique feature about the subscription box with Succulents Depot is that every plan comes with a free plant in April and November! 

Other users of this subscription service state that the plants always arrive healthy, accurate to the description, and securely packed. 

If you are looking for an affordable but quality succulent subscription service, this might be the one for you!

Most Variety: The House Plant Box

the houseplant box subscription

Perhaps you want to purchase one of the top succulent subscription boxes because you want to become more immersed in plant culture and want to push your exploration button more. If this sounds like you, The House Plant Box might be the one you’ve been needing!

The plants you receive with The House Plant Box vary from succulents to air plants to tropical foliage! There are hundreds of plants offered through this box. 

This subscription is easy to manage from your phone, and prices start at $15.99 for their basic boxes. 

A few basic box options are the Premium House Succulent Box, the Air Plant Box, the Cactus Box, the Pre-Potted Seed Box, and the Pet-Friendly Box. 

There are plenty of other boxes to choose from in this price range, or you can branch out to the more expensive boxes with The House Plant Box. 

You can rest assured they will arrive in premium condition and that your plants were packaged and shipped with care! 

Best For New Succulent Lovers: Horti

Horti is a succulent subscription service that offers a crucial feature for newbies: insurance. You can purchase their Plant Reassurance option for only $4.99. This option allows you to get personalized help to lift your plant back to life! It covers any indoor plant variety no matter when you received the plant. 

Month-to-month plans start at $20, but you can also buy a 6-month or 12-month subscription. The 12-month plan is the most expensive, starting at $240. 

You can also choose if you need pet-friendly plants, and you can choose the color of the pot it comes in! Horti is a perfect box for beginners due to the insurance option and the fact that you can customize it to your tastes. 


You might still have a few lingering questions about these succulent subscription boxes or even how the subscription box process works! Luckily, we have the answers for you here.

What is included in a succulent subscription box?

Beyond the succulent itself, subscription boxes will usually come with instructions on how to best care for the particular succulent you received, as well as information on the succulent itself. 
Depending on the box you choose, you might receive other bonus gifts like accessories or tools in your box. If you are interested in what will come with your box, check out the information on that specific site. 

What is the best container for a succulent?

It is best to pot a succulent in a ceramic pot. Many of these subscription boxes come with a ceramic pot, or they come with directions on how to best transfer your succulent to a clay pot. 

What is the best way to plant my succulent? 

If you want to plant your succulent in a container other than the one it arrived in, use a pot with a hole in it for an ideal drainage system. Use a planting medium like cacti mix that is well-draining as well. 
Underwatering can cause a plant to die, but overwatering is also dangerous, so attention to detail is important. 


Subscription boxes are popular in many industries. There are popular beauty, lifestyle, coffee, and alcohol boxes available across the nation. However, succulent subscription boxes are on the rise and are not as mainstream as some other brands. 

Although they are lesser known to the mainstream, they are some of the most rewarding boxes money can buy! If you are a plant lover or want to get into plants, subscribing to one of the top succulent subscription boxes like House Plant Box or Succulents Box is a great way to get started. Try one of them today! 

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