For a Comfy Indoor Space: Trailing Indoor Plants and Vines

indoor plants

Vine-like plants can go a long way in terms of hanging indoors. For a home that has a bookshelf in the study, living room, or office, they can even be draped on there. Indoor plants are worthy additions to your property. They add color, life, and full-on warmth to any space, but especially so for homes.

Indoor Plants for Your Home

In some cases, there are rather tight spaces involved. When that happens, trailing plants can work wonders. Have them spill over the edges of shelves, benches, the aforementioned bookshelf. Another great way to get it done is by suspending hanging baskets from the ceiling. They can drip over the side looking very beautifully. 

Bright light exposure for the majority of the day is key for indoor plants. However, they shouldn’t be in direct sunlight at any point. Leaves need to be kept dust-free, and if the potting mix looks dry, water has to be allowed to drain out. They can actually be brought outdoors for a while to rest, in a spot that’s brightly lit yet sheltered.

Occasionally, get a fresh potting mix and repot the plants.

Here are indoor plants that are great for trailing and draping purposes:

string of hearts

1. Ceropegia Woodli or String of Hearts

The name of this plant comes from how it looks: mottled leaves that are heart-shaped, tiny, and grey-green. It can actually end up trained to grow around the room it’s placed in. On the other hand, it can also be presented through a hanging basket, dripping with class. Maintenance is little to none. Occasional watering is all that the plants need.

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2. Chlorophytum Comosum or Spider Plant

Plantlets hanging from the mother plant arrive as this plant grows. It’s strappy and leafy, with the plantlets giving it a spider-like look. The plant can be left as is or, if more plants are needed, other satellite plants can be detached for use. Many people have quite a liking for the variegated spider plant in particular. That’s because its leaves are white with green stripes.

Devils Ivy

3. Epipremnum Aureum or Devil’s Ivy

These indoor plants are great at amazing draping. These plants, which are also known as pothos, are lovely. While they’re small, they’re quite tough and have trailing stems. Their green leaves are heart-shaped and have a yellow pattern going. Growing them from cuttings is beyond convenient. 

Heartleaf Philodendron

4. Philodendron Scandens or Heartleaf Philodendron

Typically sold with support, climbing philodendrons grow hanging down but climb just as well. If there’s a need to have larger leaves, Bipinnatifidum or philodendron is an excellent option. That tree has green, large leaves that are deeply divided. It looks a lot like Monstera Deliciosa or the Swiss cheese plant. It’s a trailing or climbing plant that can be grown indoors with big leaves.


Indoor plants add a lovely breath of life to any home space. A number of them actually serve as wonderful ambient pieces as they have vines and tend to trail. They can be draped over bookshelves or suspended from hanging baskets. Ideal plants for this include Devil’s Ivy, the Spider Plant, or the Chain of Hearts.

Trying to get tips on managing indoor house plants? Check out Houseplant Advisor today! We can’t wait to guide you in caring for your house plants in the best possible way.

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