6 Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants to Add to Your Home

hanging plants

hanging plants

It’s always a good idea to add some greenery into your home, as it can brighten a room up and even help improve one’s mood. However, not every plant is meant to be indoors. And not every home is fit to house a plant. 

However, there can be a compromise. If you want to brighten up your space by bringing in some nature but don’t have enough room, indoor hanging plants may just be the solution you need. To help get you started, we’ve gathered a short list of some of the best hanging plants you can keep inside your home.

spider plant

1. Spider Plant

Some people decide not to get plants for their homes because of the maintenance the plant would require. If this is an issue for you, a spider plant may be a great place to start. Spider plants are one of the easiest hanging plants to take care of. They can survive drought, do well in the shade, and only require occasional feeding. 

burros tail

2. Burro’s Tail

The burro’s tail, sometimes called donkey’s tail, gets its name from its long cylindrical stems that are covered in overlapping cylindrical leaves that resemble an animal’s tail. The interesting shape of this indoor plant can add some texture to a room’s design. To keep this hanging succulent alive, it will need bright light. You should also leave the soil to dry completely before watering.

english ivy

3. English Ivy

The English ivy is an excellent climber and can cling to almost any surface, thanks to the tiny roots growing along its stems. To take care of English ivy, it would be best to position it next to a window. They prefer moderate sunlight but can also adapt to slightly shady conditions. When watering this hanging plant, it’s essential to let the soil dry thoroughly to avoid drowning it.

string of pearls

4. String of Pearls

This indoor plant is aptly named due to the bead-like appearance of its fleshy leaves. Since this plant species comes from Africa, it is tolerant of drought. This also means that the hanging plant would need to be in a dry atmosphere. So, it’s best to avoid misting the indoor plant with water and let the soil dry completely between waterings. If you have pets, it’s best to keep the plant away from them as it can cause stomach problems if eaten.

hoya linearis

5. Hoya Linearis

If you want an indoor flowering plant, the hoya linearis may be a great option. This plant can produce fragrant white blossoms if given enough sunshine each day and treated well.

devils ivy

6. Devil’s Ivy

The devil’s ivy has many names, including Ceylon creeper and pothos. Having devil’s ivy at home may be a good investment as they require little care but can help improve the quality of air in your home.

Final Thoughts

Plants are great to have in your home because they are visually appealing and can have added benefits to your health. If you want to add some greenery to your home but don’t have enough space, the amazing indoor hanging plants we’ve mentioned can be just what you’re looking for. A lot of them require minimal maintenance and can thrive within an indoor environment.

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