5 Interesting and Kid-Friendly Indoor Plants For Your Home

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Whether or not you’re born with a green thumb, there’s no denying that plants are taking center stage again as people start to appreciate their beauty and benefits more. But while plants can bring health benefits and decorative elements to your living space, not all indoor plants are safe for your little bundle of joy. 

Many houseplants can be toxic to children, so before you fill your home with eye-catching foliage, it’s important to choose lush greenery that won’t pose any danger to your kids in any way. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the best non-toxic indoor plants that can spruce up your lackluster space.

1. Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s nest ferns are long, light-colored tropical greens that look visually stunning as it fans out and brightens up tired spaces, but the best part is that they won’t harm your babies even when they try to ingest it. They’re also easy to care for and can easily tolerate indoor humidity. 

2. Spider Plant 

One of the most vibrantly verdant household plants is a spider plant, also known as an airplane plant, thanks to its expansive, grass-like appearance with colors that shift from pale green to a deep emerald hue. 

The fluffy vines beg to be hanged over a basket as they look aesthetically pleasing with their long leaves spilling over the container. Spider plants can also purify the air and are safe for children, making them great additions to your nursery so your dearest darling can sleep peacefully with clean air. 

3. African Violet 

A stunning plant that catches the eyes with its bold, purple hues, the African Violet would be an incredible decorative houseplant that can give some much-needed pop of color to the dusty corners of your home. African violets also symbolize motherhood, making them an empowering plant to create a healthy environment for your little one. 

4. Bird of Paradise 

A captivating plant with large, fanning foliage with visually interesting structures, the Bird of Paradise looks stunning as the leaves expand like the banana leaves you’d often see in a tropical paradise. It’s the perfect houseplant that can both wow anyone and be good for your little ones too!

5. Neanthe Bella Palm

Your baby deserves the best, so to add more air-purifying plants to keep your little one’s room as refreshing as possible, then Neanthe Bella Palm is a great addition to your humble abode! The thin leaves may look delicate, but beginners can handle this simple beauty as the Neanthe Bella Palm can take a beating.

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Best Indoor Plants to Grow in Your Home Without Risking Your Kids’ Health

Indoor plants can do wonders for breathing more life into your home. Not only do they offer health-boosting benefits that can make the stale air inside feel fresher, but even common house plants can take your interior decor to the next level as it adds a much-needed, nature-driven element to your chic space. 

However, it’s important to do your research since not all plants are welcome to your home if it means their beauty will put your children or pets at risk. That’s why the article explores a mix of common and interesting indoor plants that can pack a punch to your space all while being completely safe for your children!

Are You Looking for the Best House Plants in the USA? 

If you’re looking for houseplants that are safe for cats, dogs, and your children, then head on over to Houseplant Advisor, your houseplant info center that can help you make the right decisions for your leafy green friends. Explore our guides today and see how we can simplify your plant-loving journey.

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