Sweet-Smelling Flowers to Keep Bad Bathroom Smells Away

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Strange and pungent bathroom smells are often unavoidable, and sometimes, air fresheners aren’t enough to combat it. Nature’s answer? Plants! Sweet-smelling plants are a surefire way to make your bathroom smell wonderful, and you get beautiful decoration to boot.

Here are some sweet-smelling plants to consider getting for your bathroom.


Orchidsdelicate, beautiful, and fragrant. Not only will these beauties make for a wonderful centerpiece, but they’re also a viable candidate for your next bathroom plant. 

Orchids have a variety of scents depending on the specific type you get. There are citrusy scents, vanilla scents, and even coconut scents. Not to mention, these flowers thrive in humidity, making it perfect for any cramped bathroom. You won’t have to worry about easy wilting.

It’s important to note, however, that they need to be in bright, indirect light and watered when the soil dries up. It is safe for most dogs and cats, however, this might depend on the specific hybrid. Read our full guide on growing indoor orchids for more information.


When you think mint, you think refreshing. This small plant is a great addition to any bathroom, giving it that spa feel. Its crisp and clean scent will leave you feeling rejuvenated after your shower. 

Like orchids, mints thrive in humidity as well. However, if you plan to grow edible mints, you might want to think about planting them elsewhere. It may also be toxic to dogs and cats, so make sure you keep it away from any pets.

Arabian Jasmine

As beautiful as the imagery its name induces, Arabian jasmines are one of the best bathroom plants to grow. It’s sure to add a touch of fragrance to any bathroom, and its delicate petals will brighten up your space. 

It is non-toxic to dogs and cats and can grow up to 10 feet in the wild. Make sure to keep it in bright light, and water about two inches of the soil when it starts drying up.


If mints are refreshing, then eucalyptus plants are definitely soothing. You see this as the core ingredient for a lot of lotions and perfumes, and for a  good reason! Its relaxing scent is very enticing. To give your bathroom that relaxed vibe, eucalyptus plants are your best bet.

Before getting your eucalyptus plant, bear in mind that some of them grow very tall and may not be suitable for indoor use. They also need a lot of sunlight to grow. Before purchasing one yourself, find a specific species of eucalyptus that will grow just the right size for your bathroom. Plus, keep it within direct sunlight.

Tea Rose Begonia

These pink, dainty flowers smell very sweet and will instantly make your bathroom luxurious. They can grow in temperatures above 60 degrees and will need moist soil for better growth. Its bright color will add that pop of brightness to your bathroom.

Note that it is toxic to dogs and cats and will need bright, filtered light to grow.


Indoor plants will not only add life to your bathroom, but they also get rid of any unpleasant bathroom smells. Make your bathroom smell more like a tropical paradise than a toxic waste zone with these plants.

For more tips on how to care for indoor plants, visit Houseplant Advisor. We provide tips and guides for everything you need to know about houseplant maintenance.

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