Take Note of These Indoor Plants That Are Fall-Blooming


Fall is one of the most wonderful seasons there is, what with the crisp air and leaves changing colors. It’s usually all about neutrals, but there are also great ways to toss some color in there, too. There are plenty of indoor plants that are fall-blooming and require little maintenance; a winning combination in itself.

Read on to learn more about indoor plants that will brighten up your home, office, or other interior spaces this fall:

The Amaryllis

Whether in its cute ‘mini’ form or usual medium, the amaryllis comes in shades of pink, red, white, and green! It’s pretty easy to pull together a bouquet for personal use. During the holiday season, they can be wonderful gifts for family and friends alike. 

Got quite a few tables in your home? Put various amaryllis flowers in pots or vases, and you’ve got vignettes for your tabletops!

Care Tips in Autumn: Pot your own amaryllis bulbs. Make sure they’re watered sparingly and placed in a sunny, warm spot. When you do water them, make sure to use warm water. That way, blooming will happen quicker. The moment you see a stem poke out of the soil, watering should gradually become more frequent. The soil should never get wet, just damp. From the time they’re planted, it will take anywhere from six weeks to 2 months for them to bloom.

The Cape Primrose

If it’s aesthetics you’re into, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this plant. It has leaves that are long and shaped like tongues, with colorful blooms best described as ‘velvety.’ That said, it’s quite compact: best for limited windowsills and even apartments! Colors include the usual red, white, and pink, alongside the likes of purple and blue. So no matter what color palette you’re running on indoors, there’s a cape primrose or two for you. 

Care Tips in Autumn: Regular watering that does not end up with soggy soil is best. Make sure to keep it in partial sunlight, as this plant generally prefers cooler temperatures. That way, it can bloom in the best possible way during the fall.

The Goldfish Plant

Sometimes also known as a guppy plant, the flower’s body is much like a fish, and its “mouth” is puckered. It belongs to the same family that the African violet does. It’s usually most flush during the summer, but proper care and love will lead it to thrive even in fall and winter.

Care Tips in Autumn: It’s much like an African violet, so a little humidity and some indirect sunlight will go a long way. Make sure the soil is consistently damp and doesn’t have a period of being entirely dry as it’s being watered. Soil should, like most other plants, be moist without being soggy. Tone down watering for some time if leaves start to curl.


Indoor fall-blooming plants are a gorgeous addition to any space. They’re great for a pop of color amidst all the neutrals the season brings. Look out for the likes of the amaryllis, the goldfish plant, and the cape primrose. 

Are you looking to care for good indoor plants that are fall-blooming? Check out Houseplant Advisor today! We can’t wait to help you get your house plants the best possible care.

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