4 Reasons Why Air Plants Make The Perfect Home Décor

air plants

air plants

Putting some decorative plants inside your house to make it feel more homely and more welcoming has always been recommended by many interior designers and decorators. While they can be a great addition to any home, not everyone has the time nor the patience to tend to their plants all the time. If you happen to be one of those people, then air plants might be exactly what you need. Here are four good reasons why air plants are the perfect indoor house plants to put in your home.

Air Plants are Low-Maintenance

Perhaps the number one reason air plants are great for busy people is that they’re essentially low-maintenance plants. They require minimal light and water and can grow by taking nutrients from the air, hence the name. Yes, that’s right. Air plants don’t need any soil to stay alive.

Generally, air plants prefer humid climates as they mostly thrive in Central and South America, the West Indies, and the Southern US. However, even if your home or area doesn’t offer much humidity, you can always soak your air plants in water every couple of weeks.

They’re Great Starter Plants for Anyone

If this will be your first time handling plants, air plants are a great stepping-off point to honing your green thumb. Whether you’re young or young, old, or young at heart, you won’t have any trouble taking care of your air plants. If there’s a type of decorative plant that’s considered a “one-size-fits-all,” this might be because of how easy it is to maintain and how good it looks on just about any home. 

Air Plants Add a Unique Aesthetic to Any Home

Of course, one of the most common reasons why people choose air plants for their homes is because of their aesthetic value. There are numerous air plant species you can adorn your home with. Among the most popular ones are Xerographica, Spanish moss, and Bulbosa. 

You can hang them as-is or put them in little circular terrariums to make them more attractive to look at. Air plants can also be used as a centerpiece to your dining table or even for a small coffee table in your living room. They’re quite versatile, and you can put them in just about any room without looking awkward.

Air Plants Have a Long Life

You’d think that a plant requires little light water, and no soil would live for only a year or two. The truth is, air plants are capable of surviving for ten years or more. They can live for a couple of weeks without any water. To replenish them, all they need is a quick 30-minute soak every few weeks or so. They’re quite a resilient type of plant, and they can live for quite a long time for an indoor house plant.

air plants


House plants are meant to make your home’s interior look more lively and welcoming. That description fits air plants perfectly, and being a low-maintenance plant, they’re practically the perfect decorative addition to any home. Next time you plan on redecorating your house, consider getting an air plant for your home.

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