4 Simple Reasons Why Houseplants Make You Happier

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Living at home, working from home, and just, in general, being stuck at home can drive anyone crazy. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air, something to rest their eyes after looking at the screen for a long time, and hobbies to fill their day. Plants can solve this problem and more!

Since the world stopped and started moving again in the past two years, millions of people worldwide have started to work on their green thumbs. Houseplants have become all the rage everywhere and with good reason. Plants have always improved the overall look of a place or a view, and now more people see the value of having these magnificent things inside their homes.

Here are some of the best benefits of houseplants:

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Studies have shown that having plants in your home can make it feel more comfortable and soothing. Aside from the pop of color they provide, they can also be a welcome sight after working in front of a screen for extended periods. 

Collecting and caring for houseplants is a slow and calming activity that can help to bring down your stress levels. It’s not a fast-paced or particularly demanding task. It can be very relaxing to learn how to treat your plants correctly and help them grow taller and flourish!

You might even feel more connected to nature from the comfort of your own home. Indoor planting is an exercise of patience and effort. 

Sharpen Your Senses 

Plants change and develop each day. One day the color might change, or the smell might be different, but only in minuscule ways. Taking care of your plants might help sharpen your senses. You’ll have to be very observant to keep track of their progress and work on keeping them alive. 

Since people often work indoors for almost all hours of the day, they tend to get accustomed to tuning the world out and focusing only on the task at hand, which is most commonly computer-related. Plants make you more attentive and alert, just like how you would be when you’re out and about in nature. 

Improved Mental Health

Indoor plants offer two potential benefits: improved well-being and physical health. For people that struggle with mental illness, indoor gardening can be helpful as it is a peaceful and calming activity. 

Working with plants that are beautiful, fragile, and resilient can do wonders for one’s psychology. Houseplants can also help people recovering from illness or injury to heal. When you are mentally healthy, it contributes to your overall health as well. 

Improve Your Work

Having plants around you while you work can help to reduce your stress levels. When you’re not stressed while working, productivity is bound to increase. When you’re more productive, you can get work done faster, which leads to job satisfaction. In life, it’s quite a lot. 

Plants are such a small and simple part of your life, but when one takes the time to care for them, your whole life can get better. 

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Caring for houseplants is an activity that teaches patience and how to make an effort to keep something simple alive. When you’re able to do it right, the benefits are wonderful. Houseplants help to reduce stress and improve the overall outlook on your home and your life. It helps make people more alert and observant, which can help in everyday life. Plants give people the breather they need for a moment or two before going back to life’s many obligations. 

If you’re looking for guides or information on good indoor plants, we have everything you need. Houseplant Advisor offers helpful tips and how-tos for all plant people. Whether you’re just starting out or already a certified plant parent, you are welcome here. Browse through our website to learn more!

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